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War's apprehension is in all our little pores
It's hanging overhead like huge stone mass,
Our souls are growling unrelentlessly - "it's war",
And in our souls there's only one big bloody mess.

I see this mess, these horrid shambles, this unrest,
No matter where I turn my eyes today in tears,
I see this vision through the morning's first fresh dew,
Through day's blue sky, in twilight's dawn, when night appears.

And in these days, these awful days, you tell me, friend,
I want to know one single thing, you see, it's this:
Am I allowed still to be human deep inside,
And in my heart leave little place for love and peace?

Is it a sin, please tell me now, do not stay still,
That in the middle of the crazy noise of war,
And from inside the rattle of the guns appears,
In my poor soul one burning image still of her?

Indeed, it is so true that there are things,
A lot of things that look much stronger than our love,
Their light is bigger, and more powerful, but still
The faith our love with thin, all-reaching light endows.



© Nikola Vaptsarov
© Igor Milner, translated from bulgarian
© E-magazine LiterNet, 04.02.2012, № 2 (147)