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Eltep in mist is covered now and haze,
There down the valley lies my old forgotten village,
It showers in sun's golden shiny beams,
And I am sure no one have seen yet such an image.

Among hard rocks, between high waterfalls,
Where nature reigns, and when I wasn't ready,
One man approached me, looked at me and simply said
He came for me, that to my shack he's heading.

He told me that he wanted me to know,
That in my village there's a woman which is waiting,
She waits for me, only for me, and loves me still,
I disappeared, and since her heart keeps always aching.

And she is asking every man that goes on by,
She can't give up and she berieves the one who's missing,
She wants to know, if I will be back soon,
And me... I only sat there and I listened.

In front of us rain dropped down nearest hill,
And black thick clouds enveloped it and hid it,
But then came light, and lightening caused a flame,
I smiled so happily, and now I can admit it.



© Nikola Vaptsarov
© Igor Milner, translated from bulgarian
© E-magazine LiterNet, 04.02.2012, № 2 (147)