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Kalin Vassilev


That character from the truck - he is skinny, with teeth that look ready to abandon ship, so thin, he only has to do his hair and he’d be ready for one of them Paris fashion shows, he has a dark complexion, and he likes to point it out as an advantage, and to wish “happy period” to his female bosses, when he’s got no work to do, because he used to have a girl - a light girl, who didn’t go to work while having her periods, likes to hitchhike, when he’s visiting her in the neighboring town, sometimes will have a coffee with us and will tell us about his trip to the Czech Republic, where he tasted mustard for the first time, about her - how he first charmed her with a leather jacket, about the old room he was renting, about the covered with makeup brothel girls, about his Macedonian soul, and we don’t always enjoy it, he loves ципели* and he gets his girls with “todo bien”, after that his roommates continue to sleep with his girlfriends, then we give him some music for the truck, he never takes up a job that does not involve driving, never gains weight and never approves of any well-behaved girls, pays back his loans when there is no use in doing so anymore, doesn’t like questions, that’s why he always answers with ‘hmmm...’ and a slight head shake that makes waves, that thing with the moon, he thought it up, always spends more than he earns, and always takes less beating than he deserves, he has many phones, all of them loaded with only 2 bucks and he always plays the people around him, and whenever he is sad people sell poetry instead of dynamite, he likes to say: “it’s all been written down already” and sometimes he’d start reading from it, he possesses an Olympic calm and he’s sure to outlive everyone, just like that, behind the wheel, while he’s driving the oldest trucks in the world, lining up things for tonight - Vasko, is there a way to get 20 bucks somehow, I am in big trouble, and at the same time “Mimi, are you free tonight”, and between every sundown and sunset, he’s ahead of everyone else, if only by an idea, buzzing, just being part of the adventure.


* Macedonian word for shoes.



© Kalin Vassilev
© Emil Lazarov - translated
© E-magazine LiterNet, 01.09.2008, № 9 (106)