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Kalin Vassilev


The love event was supposed to take place in the apartment, left to him to take care of, for the owner was gloriously fighting in Afghanistan, on which side - nobody knew. Afraid, that his taste for curvy women would become a matter for jokes, he took precautions. Nobody must knew, even he himself the next day. He instructed the girl to wear a burqa and to use a taxi, rented in another city; to leave the cab four streets away from the address; to take a bus, and dressed now like Evita Peron, including dark glasses and kerchief, to walk the last few meters, making sure nobody, but nobody - especially the Police - is not following her. He had instructed her - telling her also the scary legend of Orpheus and Eurydice to make his point for not letting anybody follow her - on the cellphone he destroyed immediately. All was done to the letter. At last the youngsters were coming to the point of culmination of their love game, started far away - 40 km away from this moment. And at this time he received a SMS, which read: 'Found the dog'. Fearful, he took it that they were watching him and lost his balance. He crawled to near the window. Trying to hide and blabbering 'They found me, the bastards', he fruitlessly observed the empty parking lot across the street. It was 2:48 pm.

The next day, out of stubborness, he got the found dog, even paid the advertised award.

After a few days the dog settled with his new owner and after a few more months was happily running with the couple and their newborn baby.

But suspicion remained.



© Kalin Vassilev
© Vesselin Vesselinov - translated from bulgarian
© E-magazine LiterNet, 01.09.2015, № 9 (190)