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* * *


They are probably laughing at us
These, the short-skirted
These, the long-legged!
We watch each other long
Secretly we touch,
Guiltily we look around,
If we kiss each other
We roam giddily
In a full-moon night...
And letters we write
Full of gentle words
And we have signed our names
In the snow and in the sand,
We have hidden for memory
Sheets yellow-scarlet...
We are funny probably
As antiques
In this century of reason
And of moon flights -
Now they are probably laughing at us
These, the long-haired
These, the short-skirted!
And they, poor things, don't know
how nice it feels to us
to be unmodernly
old-fashionly in love...



© Stanka Pencheva
© Miriana Minkova - translated, 2003
© E-publishing LiterNet, 20. 07. 2003

Furst edition, electronic.