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* * *


I'll get tired one day
of all slippery fears
silences -
I will throw them as a cobweb off me
and I will say clearly, desperately:
Well, okay, I love him!
Do you have questions?
And everything will be over.
It's as simple as that.
We will take each other by the hands after that
and we will go there,
where it starts from the beginning.
And everything would happen exactly that way
if there weren't these extremely -sad
helplessly evil
eyes of a woman...
You gave me a sad role, my dear
to keep the brittle silence of your home
to be - and not to be...
And to make strong.



© Stanka Pencheva
© Miriana Minkova - translated, 2003
© E-publishing LiterNet, 20. 07. 2003

Furst edition, electronic.