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These days...
These days - they shine
like warm sand
underneath my feet -
still wet from waves and dreams.

These nights...
upon the shores at home
were full of thousand moons
and inspirations.

These streets of faded roses
still invite me...
The sea - its solitude
still binds my heart.

These pictures in my heart -
they will not leave.
Though I have left them.

These days of sudden friendship,
of love - invented,
lost and found
These nights of promises
and hopes profound...
These first-time memories
will never yield to time.

These spring awakenings
and autumn shadows
These days are only mine.
And how I rushed
to pass these days.

One day, into my silent prayers
I hope to find them true again.



© Dari Morska, 2002
© E-publishing LiterNet, 11. 01. 2003
First edition, electronic.