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It was so beautiful this swamp you came upon when
You got off the road with its indifferent landscape
The afternoon was fading in the desolate summer
And it was as if no one had ever passed around.

It was still beautiful when it dragged you
Down - and you knew well that it was forever,
That your way back was forever cut off,
But it was so very beautiful...

It is again beautiful even now when you have but an instant
Left to look at it and breathe its heavy humid air.
Another one has stopped in your vanished steps
And knowing nothing he might follow.

And it will be beautiful when you have sunk down -
You would not be a warning for danger.
You would simply lie on your back at the bottom
Having entered into the third haven of beauty.



© Georgi Roupchev
© E-magazine LiterNet, 09.01.2004, № 1 (50)