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Tell me more about your plans,
your choices, your life.
I don’t know you well enough
and there is very little time.
In a minute I will have to
get off this train
and we won’t meet again.
Imagine the terrible
mistake we may be making.
Don’t you want to find
just one thing in common?

Between you and me,
I’ve decided to stay in this seat
because I sense that you want to talk.
I will miss my stop
but that doesn’t much matter.
The important thing
is to understand one another.
How can I be sure
that you will not reply?



© Tom Fillips
© E-magazine LiterNet, 09.12.2017, № 12 (217)

Other publications:
Tom Fillips. Unknown Translations / Непознати преводи. Sofia:Scalino, 2016.