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Dimitar Palanski


They were meeting for a long time now. Always at the same place. Quietly, silently, they were looking at each other thoughtfully. So close, almost feeling each other's breath. But nobody dared to break the silent spell. Strange, magnetic connection. Unexplainable, irresistible attraction. He was beautiful - athletic, proudly posing. She with large playful eyes... a sensual mouth, curved at the end as if ready to whisper, yet remaining silent. Both possessed charming grace. Their meetings were like a telepathic conversation with God.

Painfully staring at each other... Their meetings were over when one of them felt tired or bored. Sometimes She would turn away, disappearing into the deep darkness, leaving only a bluish fog behind. Sometimes He would slowly and silently turn and without looking back, go away with the faintest steps he could master, as if afraid of disturbing the magic.

Maybe Their meeting today happened like the others before. Maybe... Who knows? She had already left, and He was just going away with his light steps. But... but… looking somehow happier, more satisfied than at any other time. So satisfied, he even gave out a tiny murmur. Yeeesss, somebody had forgotten to put the lid on the aquarium...



© Dimitar Palanski
© Vesselin Vesselinov, Craig Hasbrouck - translated from bulgarian
© E-magazine LiterNet, 01.09.2012, № 9 (154)