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Petar Tchouhov


Three black-and-white photos.

The first one is grandpa and grandma. He wears a boater hat with a cane, and in his lapel a carnation, bright. Grandpa's suit is also bright, even brighter than the carnation, with a double-breasted jacket, unbuttoned.

Grandma wears a hat with a veil. Both dark. Her eyes, even darker: two charcoal beetles in the veil's web. Grandma's hair is something in the middle. Compared to the hat, bright, with grandpa's suit, dark. Dark gloves, dark stockings, nylon, very dark shoes.

The second photo is mom and dad. Bare, only in bathing suits, at the beach. My father is muscular, almost bald, quite dark. My mother, lightweight, fair, her hair almost translucent. Their bathing suits, dark, the sea, a bit brighter, the sand bright, the sky, the brightest possible.

In the third one it's my sister and me. She wears a ribbon, bright, in her dark hair. Her face, smiling, holding in her hand a dark cone of a relatively light-color ice cream. I am in a sailor's outfit, serious looking. My hands hanging loosely on the sides of my body. Empty.

Please color as you wish, but if you please, don't put any pink on my sister's ice cream!

Thank you!



© Petar Tchouhov
© Emil Lazarov, translated
© E-magazine LiterNet, 01.08.2004, № 8 (57)