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What is friendship, and love? Is there a difference? These are two of the question that have always been intriguing most people. Unfortunately, precise answers can’t be given.

Love is the power, which controls the world. It is something that can’t be defined but we all know that it exists. To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness in the world. Love is even stronger than fear and death. It is like a large box of chocolates: you take a chocolate but you never know what its taste is. Sometimes, it is pleasant and tasty but it might be the opposite. Love is the only illness which people don’t want to cure. It is a folly but it also makes our life different and more exciting because this feeling is typical of each human being. Life without love is like a year without spring. Perhaps, love is just friendship plus physical closeness. It all depends on your views.

Friendship controls our world too. For some people there is only one step between love and friendship. Friendship is necessary for surviving in our hard life. There are some things that you can’t tell your beloved. You can share them only with your friends because they will support and advise you. However, friendship is a very controversial symbol. For example, Napoleon and Aristotle were both against friendship and love, perhaps because they make people easily vulnerable. There is a saying: "God, protect me from my friends and I will protect myself from my enemies without any help!" In spite of everything said, friendship takes an important place in our hearts and our lives will be just lost without it and love.

There isn’t a definite distinction between love and friendship. Perhaps it doesn’t exist or maybe it is specific for each human being. I don’t know what love and friendship are exactly but I do know that they are the most exciting feelings in our hard and short life.



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