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Maya Kisyova


The white Queen was clicking quickly with the mouse and being in smart exultation was doing an intelligence test. Task 13 required a sensible combination of few words. She succeeded in matching “Is a king the King, grunting in the bed of the chambermaid?”, but the word “blood” remained. The Queen was brought up in a spirit of altruism, people adored her, thanks to her hidden diplomatic abilities, which she had taken into King’s head, the country was prospering. What should she do with that word “blood”?!

She began moving in hectic searching of an idea. It was 13.15 pm, the silence could be felt from the corridor. The crown of the King was lying on brilliant red covering, but his body wasn’t in the matrimonial bed. Under the covering, a piece of a picture showed. The Queen forgot that curiosity did not suit her and she slightly pulled it out. The face of the chambermaid was looking at her impudently from the picture, with a framework of kinghood red roses.

And from the corner room, which was inhabited by the girl, a grunting could be heard. “Is a king the King, grunting in the bed of the chambermaid?” - the white Queen was obliged to answer that question, in order to work out the test. As it was “no”, she had to hustle, in order to reach the solution. She called her blond page and ordered him to put away with pincers a tiny diamond from the King’s crown and to leave it inconspicuously in chambermaid’s apron at 13.30 pm; to report to the court detective about a theft at 13.45 pm; to convict her at 14.00 pm, and to be decapitated at 14.15 pm in the back yard, where the cook butchered birds for the kitchen, without right to have priest and public.

When the Queen returned in front of the screen with the test, the word “blood” has already disappeared and the task was indicated as completely accomplished.

The Queen turned off the computer and made for her white roses, accompanied by her blond page. After they have soothed the roses and talked with them about time, she sent the page for the court doctor- to examine King’s prostate.



© Maya Kisyova
© Ralitsa Dimitrova, translated
© E-magazine LiterNet, 13.05.2011, № 5 (138)