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Ludmila Balabanova


My father and I are walking down the street. It is our street. I have grown up there and know every stone and every tree. We are approaching the concave pavement in front of the hospital's entrance. When I was five a man jumped from the top floor. The concavity has been there since then.

I ask my father if he remembers. He looks at me in astonishment. "You've grown up. You've studied physics. The human body can't make a concavity in stone. The pavement is lower so the ambulances can pass."

I look at the pavement. Yes, it is for the ambulances. I'm not sure if I do remember. He might have flown straight up into heaven.

beyond the equator -
there are other stars
in the sky



© Ludmila Balabanova
© E-magazine LiterNet, 24.12.2009, № 12 (121)

Other publications:
Simply Haiku, Winter 2009, vol. 7, no 4.