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Vladislav Christov


Without meeting each other. Their lives go like that. He smokes. She knits a cardigan. Always on the balcony they sit. On different balconies in different cities. Yet, they flirt mentally, despite their old age. He plays the accordion. She claps her hands; speaks Spanish (used to study it from 8th to 10th grade at school). Nobody understands her Spanish, not even a word. They laugh. For dinner - Beef Stroganoff. The beef is stringy, but the recipe is legendary and a Russian one on top of it. Both adore Russia. “We will marry in Russia!” they say in one voice. He on his and she on hers balcony. He smokes; she knits a cardigan; and their life is just beginning.



© Vladislav Christov
© Translated by Vesselin Vesselinov
© E-magazine LiterNet, 01.08.2007, № 8 (93)

The text has won short prose competition of LiterNet and Erunsmagazine (2007).