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Krassimir Vardiev


Grandpa went to vote at the last elections and forgot to come back. During the first week Grandma said nothing. By the second week she dispatched me to look in the pubs and there I found him – flirting with Russian women in the pub at the port. ‘Let gonorrhea take him!’ commented Grandma and that was that. Gradually, I began to forget Grandpa. First I forgot his eye – the other one I had already pulled out with my first ball pen. After that I forgot his face. Finally I forgot his voice, which used to shout in the mornings ‘Wake up, you ass.

By habit, Grandma served dinner for three during the first month. Then she stopped. Only sometimes, at sunset, she sighed: ‘It’s too bad to have nobody to smoke a cigarette with’. That’s how I started smoking.



© Krassimir Vardiev
© Veselin Veselinov, translated
© E-publisher LiterNet, 01.08.2005, № 8 (69)