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Genre: VIRUS Poetry

August Highland


spike #0000028:

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spike #0000029:

b(Z) (!)g(f)p (f) (++)             hispanic stereotyping in movies mutertagsgedicht endobj   .     . L)m(b)s(ol)e(comparisb(idea)g(is)g(similar)d(to)k(that)g ps_tab   cdba b(ob)o(viously)f (f)p p PcPTH,   MT, NAME LENGTH,   ,   t, wPolylineDuethelimited lengththis paper, 105.3 kiss fm cvn dup vote libya 2010 )g(PARAMETER)h(::)c(&)   .       E Kcomplexity.=(t * ) .   .   l< E   C A


spike #0000030:

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spike #0000031:

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spike #0000033:

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© August Highland
© E-magazine LiterNet, 16.07.2004, № 7 (56)