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web | Black book of the Endangered Species

We swam naked out of the pond,
and the pond flew into our senses.
We climbed up the afternoon slope
and the chill inflamed our bodies.

Down the road I saw us walking.
But the road was leading inside me.
That bonfire was not only smoke:
the stars still singe me as I fall asleep.

On a damp sheet on an old bed
I entered your dream that evening.
But now it pulses on my forehead,
making love to my naked soul.

The desk and the lamp--a circle of light
in a churning creek, in the mountains... .
A scent of pine and snow and menace
and, down below, a blue dusk prowling.

The withered summer breathеs from the grass.
The grass smells sweetest when freshly mown.
After we looked into the dark space
the blue sky seemed warmer and closer.

The moon is mute and red, resembling
a widening wound in the dark.
Life is open, it bleeds and drains.
Only the death of the world is eternal.


* Berkovitsa is a town in northwestern Bulgaria.



© Vladimir Levchev
© Електронно издателство LiterNet, 12.10.2004
Владимир Левчев. Черна книга на застрашените видове. / Black Book of the Endangered Species. Варна: LiterNet, 2004

Други публикации:
Владимир Левчев. Черна книга на застрашените видове. / Black Book of the Endangered Species. USA by Word Works <http://wordworksdc.com>, Washington, 1999.