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You're so young
You're so lovely
Not touched by hardy and stinging hands
Not kissed by wet and dead lips,
Not brutally undressed
Before eyes ferocious for the flesh,
You haven't drunk from full glasses
or spat in your palms thereafter
You haven't drawn your dreams in black blood
or told 'em with a tender voice.
or uttered words of lust
With a mouth filthy of love
Not torn yet by suggestive glances
No sticky stains on your hips
From sweet and salty saps
Your ripen peaches are not shown
to hungry packs of dogs
you've not cut the throat
of your children's laugh
... not yet...
but soon you'll be more pretty
in their hands
more real
strongest ... in their fangs,
you'll learn how to scream from pain,
when they pick your fruits.



© Biliana Atanasova
© E-magazine LiterNet, 17.01.2005, № 1 (62)

Edited by Hristo Boev.