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Smooth as rain,
falling over misty fields in autumn, soothing summer's pain...
Smooth as chocolate, spread over my naked body,
starving for your lips and fingers
and nail and teeth to carve "I love you"
into my pale, luminiscent skin.

Smooth as green hills
in early spring and the ground
touched tenderly by cherry blossom.
Smooth as black & white photography,
wearing the scent of childhood and early shadows
suddenly vivid in a world of lucid dreams...

Smooth as liquid
spilled over my breasts,
making lakes of pleasure
and warmth
and sinful delight
while you drive me slowly into madness.

Smooth as death,
asking me to stop breathing
and slide over
into the unreached depths
of your eyes and soul
after a simple moment of complete fulfillment.

may 2002



© Boiana Petkova, 2003
© Publishing LiterNet, 06. 06. 2003
First edition, electronic.