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Here, in the comments page, all of you are welcome to post your opinion.
And it will be our pleasure to publish it here.


        If by saying “genius” we mean phenomenal abilities and attainments in some sphere of  human activity, Velichko Nikolov fills out the space of this word.
        The unity of the layers of time in his fine creations cultivate our cognition of myth, antiquity, Renaissance, surrealism, hyperrealism, photorealism and bend it into the transforming of a horizon, that goes beyond the expectation for aesthetics and knowledge. Between the conventional limits of two milleniums, the unusually clear metaphors in his works, combining the unity of perfectly interlaced symbols and a brilliant composition, go beyond the idea of the concept “postmodern art thinking”.
        The being of the artist in the conditions of social absurdity and utter dehumanisation occupating the communist and postcommunist Bulgaria is transformed into a pure human pain caused by and for the destiny of Homo Sapiens in the end of the second and in the beginning of the third millenium according to the Gregorian calendar. The pimary themes in his works for the New /Old/ world order, the mechanisms of control, the digitalisation of the human consciousness and being, the evolution and the the de-evolution in the Social and in the Spiritual, build their own odd inner logic in a parallel world of the artistry, where the ironic is inherent to the playfulness of mind in the fights, the pain and the triumph of the existence.
        The two periods in the searching and  finding of the expression of art, specific for Velichko Nikolov are evident. In the first period it is the stressed homo-zoo metamorphosis and in the second it is the softened philosophic constatation, more large figured composition, more clear comprehension for depth in perspective.
        The masterpieces of Velichko Nikolov will inevitably cause the details of the structural penetrating and the aesthetic reflex of every creation. They will cause the appearance of voluminous and not such voluminous, but certainly thorough discussions. Because this art provoke the spontaneity of the admiration and the irresistibility of the desire. The desire for comment.
        My wish for success of these unique works and for world-fame of his creator via Internet is provoked by a sincere partiality and admiration. This is because my point of view is that this art is part of extremely complex road of the man towards the found  right manner of expression and representing. Of the spiritual harmonizing with the existence.

12 October 1999
Veselin Valev